Camille told me about E's 2 year old melt down recently.  I believe it was nice having my extra set of hands there while I was helping after Collin was born. E was having a normal 2 year old dramatic melt down---tears--on the floor---the world is ending screams.  He kept telling her---Baby to Henry (Give the baby to Henry-the 3 1/2 year old) Picke Up (Pick me up) while she is in the middle of feeding C---You have only 2 hands.

I told her when I move, they can call me when there is a crisis (although I will  be 10-15 minutes away and said fit could be over before I can get there).  She said, "Yes , I am buying the buys a phone and putting one number on it---YOURS and teaching them to speed dial.

SO I guess I will be #1 on the speed dial in someones phone finally!

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