I am using a very critical eye going through my "things" and deciding take-or leave.  Almost everything has some memory attached to it---but also I have to be practical and remember I will have limited space and it is expensive to transport things.  SO--I am down-sizing again.  18 months ago I had a MAJOR down size---this is not so over-whelming!

I keep reminding myself---it's things---things are not important---relationships are important.  That is true--but often there is a sweet memory attached to those "things" and it is difficult to let them go.  I have to remember that I am the only one that has that memory--and anyone else seeing the object--would just see a "thing" not a memory.

SO--I am doing a good job of letting go.  MY KIDS OWE ME BIG TIME!!!!  Having gone through the process of sorting through a life time of "things" for my mother and in-laws---I assure you THEY OWE ME!  I have saved them LOTS of labor and discarding.  YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!

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