I am reading a book Waking the Dead by John Eldredge---he is such a good writer---have also done a study of The Sacred Romance that he wrote.  Many men and the women that love them have read Wild at Heart.  This guy is a gifted teacher.  The one I am studying at the moment starts with the reminder that we are fighting a spiritual war here on this Earth-Good Reminder.  Satan seeks to "steal, kill and destroy".

I am down to one more day after today---and I am being attacked from the front----a Nasal Attack!  You remember I told you the stress had caused a LOVELY "Zit" to erupt.  Thanks for the cure suggestions--I currently have 3 layers of "Cures" on it!  NOW I started feeling a cold coming on last night.  You must remember I teach in a petri dish of 3 year olds every Sunday.  Somehow I have avoided getting their colds this year--after wiping a thousand noses-but I finally lost the battle to their cooties and developed a cold.  BAD TIMING!

The Devil decided to attack via the nose---he KNOWS who has my heart!

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