I am to the point where I am losing the well planned--organized move---and instead throwing things at any available box or container.  Thank goodness for my sweet friends-Philip, Sonja & Glenda -who came last night---not only fed me, helped with the things too heavy to lift by myself, but most important listened to me.  THIS IS PAINFUL!  More is happening than just this move---but I have decided to leave that out of the story.  I have determined that if it does nothing for the cause of Christ--it does not need to be posted on the WWW. Although I will be back staying with Helen after a couple of weeks until the school year is over, this truly marks the FACT that I am moving---I am leaving what I know and love behind--my comfort zone--my people that I love---and trying to start again--at 64.  DAUNTING--OVERWHELMING!

For those that have been praying that I would be able to take this step--without losing sleep---I am NOT sure I should thank you.  I am convinced God gave me this cold so I would have to take a boat load of drugs---THAT MAKE YOU SLEEP-last night.  So if you looked out and saw that beautiful moon---you KNOW that normally I would be howling at it all night---instead I merely drifted in and out of a drug induced comma--struggling to get a breathe.  CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR!

SO I am about to unhook from my Louisiana Internet connection---for the last time---everything will be packed in the truck tonight and I will head West EARLY in the morning.  Pray for traveling grace and that I won't be throwing things at the truck as it pulls out tomorrow.  Pray for my strength---physical and emotional--as I leave the home that I have grown to love and the family and friends that I leaned upon daily and plant myself in unknown soil.

I will be "Unplugged" until this weekend--I don't have the patience to blog via I Phone---so my next post will come from my next nest to be---in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.  Praying that God will plant me and give me ministry that will glorify Him.  I am NOT closing this book---I am just starting the next chapter---with the entire book full of characters and places that I love still within reach of a quick turn back....

As Brother Jack once ended every Sunday Service--

Pray for me---As I Pray for You

Love You All!


  1. Hugs and good luck! Texas doesn't know what's coming!

  2. Lora, God Bless you in your move to Texas. I've enjoyed following your blog as you enter into this new and amazing chapter of your life.
    Your friend from Girard, PA

  3. LaLou-
    Texas will never be the same!!! I am praying for you and your new adventure and KNOWING that God will bless you in this journey!


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