I have safely arrived and am almost finished making my initial "Nest" preparations in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!

I first have to talk about ALL the help I have had making this move.  IT HAS BEEN AWESOME...

Help in Ruston with the Rhymes assembling a group of church men to load the truck.  Help in route--with the St Andre crew--driving---and unloading the truck (after helping load).

Help in Fort Worth with Adam and their friends Josh & Dana helping unload the truck.  Help from #1 & #2--Scott & Gabe---BIG HELP---couldn't start to tell you all they have done!

Help today from Josh again---who came to change the plug out on my dryer.

I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT THEM!  It has been an arduous job--to say the least----BUT I'm here!  

NOW to begin living the "Big City Life"---side note---they have AWESOME grocery stores in large towns---from everyday stores all the way to designer groceries---I am GOING TO LOVE THAT!

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