A group of friends got together today to help one of our Small Group paint her duplex.  She is moving back into her duplex after a tough life event---we ALL love her and want to serve her.

The subject of this blog though---is how TALENTED I am----WHO else would come home with bruises all over their leg--and NOT have a clue how I got them?  The only thing I can figure out is going up and down that ladder all day---Miss Co-ordination here must have kept hitting my leg--since it is all on the same side.

SO--I came home to Ruston without my paint clothes--nor supplies.  Mrs. Helen had supplies for me---but alas no paint clothes---SO I solved that dilemma by turning my play clothes inside out---COLOR ME BRILLIANT---well actually you can color me the 3 different colors and 1 trim color of the 3 bedrooms we painted---only TRULY talented and inspired house painters can get it ALL over them by the end of the day!

The friend that does not paint--  COOKS---Caribbean Red Beans & Rice for dinner tonight---SCORE!

OH WAIT---Just turned up the lights and it's NOT bruises---IT'S PAINT!!!

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