Fun & Games today with the 3 year olds--literally---it is NON-STOP action the entire 2 hours we are together.   TODAY ALL 17 OF THEM!  We are using a curriculum that teaches the Bible chronologically---and we use the same material for 3 year olds-6th grade.  It can be a challenge to use the same material and activities to a 3 year old that a 6th grader likes.  We Adapt!

Today we talked about Achan-who stole forbidden treasure---and then lost of all his property and  his life and his family's lives.  HOW do you teach a 3 year old this concept?

We talked a LOT about what he stole---and that stealing means taking something that is not yours.  We colored sheets and did an activity sheet where you find the treasure.  We had a parade marching around the room and then sat in a circle for the story to be taught--via video and re-enforcing what it was about.

The basic idea we tried to convey---GOD HATES SIN---what is sin?--disobedience---talked about what disobeying meant--they get that.  Talked about when we sin--or disobey--there are consequences or we have to be disciplined---I KNOW our 3 year old gets the concept of discipline and assume these children do too. 

We then hunted for hidden treasure that they could take home in their "Treasure Sacks".  They always like to take something home and hopefully this leads to discussion at home about what we have talked about.   We all looked at our treasure we had found--I made sure everyone found some treasure--and talked about it was not ours--but a gift given to us---just like Jesus!  I ended the day telling them---God gave us Jesus who gets our discipline when we do wrong--if we just say we are sorry.

SWEET SWEET 3 year olds---I just tell them every week--it's NEVER wrong to answer JESUS to any question!

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