Friend Helen is headed out of town on a short trip---she is WORRIED that I will be lonesome while she is gone.  SO when I got home from school today--she had a little surprise for me.

A pillowcase made with THIS material.  WELL---it's been a long time since I had the joy of sharing a bed with a man--BUT  I'm NOT looking for trouble!  The material is CERTAINLY easy on the eye---BUT---it looks like trouble with a capital T to me!  

NOW I will save you from the MANY cute comments from the friends that I shared this gift with--SOME THINGS are BETTER left UNSAID!  I will leave you with this---if I start doing ANYTHING beyond looking at the material---check me into the nut barn--I KNOW BETTER!  AND NO---I don't think I need rescuing from my current state of distress!

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