Helen left REALLY early this AM and the fun began not long after she was out the door.  With all of the rain---a HUGE tree fell across the lines and the lights went out VERY early---I am alone and in the pitch dark.  I had lived in my home that I sold 2 years ago so long that I never turned on a light--even the home of my past two years--I had learned to navigate.  Today though--I am in a home that is not my own.  I have a faint recollection of the general direction--but I am not familiar with the obstacles--or the way I need to go.  I found myself stumbling around--groping for my way--running into obstacles--coming to dead ends--I was in the pitch black--and lost my way just trying to find my way to the light. 

This reminds me that I live in a world that is only my temporary home---on the stop to my eternal home.  I have a choice to walk in the dark---stumbling around --groping for the way---running into obstacles--painful falls--Lost in the deep dark of the night---OR I can have the permanent light in my life and never walk alone--the light that will guide me along the way and order my steps----I may still stumble---stump my toes---when I turn from thar light--but all I have to do is return to the glow--and the way will be clear.  No need to stumble in the dark---I have "The Light".

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