Before today's post--once you've got it--you must always have it---Whipper Snapper was VERY quiet last night when he came in around midnight---quietly closed his door--and no other shenanigans!  Either I've still got it or he was worn out from the week's escapades!  I'll take--I've still got it!

While walking this AM--I am getting very brave---extending further and further my walk--today I headed further east all the way to one of the major thoroughfares--maybe a little too far---don't really think the major streets are smart--BUT while making the trek---what should I come across but THIS----(click on this)

I saw this same thing while visiting #2 in Seattle--except their bikes were free--not sure how that worked out for them---BUT this idea could be genius AND there are bike paths all over the city----FUN FUN FUN!!!---Need to find a buddy interested in playing--this sounds like such fun!!!

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