After a busy week with the grands---I have been home---alone since mid morning---I must admit--even when home alone at night after a long day with the grands---I was too tired to think about being truly alone.  I have entered a new "Wilderness" period----the aloneness of living in a BIG city----knowing a handful of people---seeing no-one I know ever---in a store---at a fast food eatery---walking the streets--all faces are strange faces.  

I began thinking about the "whys" of being alone----alone is not all bad--but I tend to go from project to project--avoiding the penetrating--deep thoughts that come with true aloneness.  Jesus sought "aloneness"--Mark 1:35----is just one of MANY verses that tell us that Jesus sought being alone.  Time to be with God--no distractions---Me and HIM--one on one---together.  

Be quiet--Be still----listen and KNOW that He is God and He is present with me.  The current study I am working on addresses the fact that we should know Joy in the Lord---that He dwells in my heart---the Holy of Hollies in me----Now to sit---quietly and listen--He will speak to me---I just need to stop and listen.  He has me here in the wilderness for a purpose----to deepen and strengthen our relationship----I am never alone--He is here with me!  "Practice the presence of God"  Brother Lawrence

John 8:47

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