Yesterday's post concerned the relationships in my life---including my conclusion that all the dysfunctional-painful relationships in my life involved men.  I asked for comments--didn't have many--but I did have a call yesterday that gave me great hope.  My life-long friend, Barbara--called and talked over what I had posted.  She reminded me that I had a painful-dysfunctional-disappointing relationship with my mother.  LOVE HER!!--don't get me wrong---BUT   due to circumstances in her own life, her maternal - nurturing traits were sometimes marginal.  She was ill for a few months before she died.  Her illness was painful---and very difficult time of nursing-and care taking.  I begged God for mercy for her---and did not understand why she had to be here --in the pitiful state that she was.  After she left us---He revealed to me that this time was a time for me to forgive her and I did.  I put behind the past--forgave her and moved on.  When Barbara reminded me of that--I told her that I did not even remember that when confronted by another friend about any woman that had ever disappointed me or caused me pain.  Total Redemption ---forgiveness and forgetting. 

I am greatly encouraged and reminded of God's redeeming love for us all and how if we seek His Face and will for our lives--that redemption will come to life in our own lives.  The path a Christian begins when receiving Christ as their Savior is the road to being a reflection of Christ.  We will reflect His redeeming love and grace.  I have great hope--that the forgiveness I have extended will eventually also lead to forgetting the pain.
God's amazing grace---apparent by His redemption of His Beloved.  Hope for tomorrow!

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