My time in Ruston has drawn to a close---Bittersweet!  I seemed to have stepped right back into the stream of life here and started again where I left off.  I am having to pinch myself and remind myself that I am going back to my new home in Texas.  Texas has officially become home---I now have my Texas license plates on my car--thanks to my talented mechanical friend, Glenda--ALTHOUGH they still have not given me a driver's license.  I plan to tackle that next week and again walk the maze of Texas size bureaucracy.

While here my running buddies gave me a WONDERFUL surprise---a book filled with pictures from the past 16 years together of running.  Also filled with scripture and memories and two special poems.  I held it together until I read the poems after the friends left.  Tears of joy for the huge blessing that God placed in my life all those years ago when He drew us together.  We have lived life together!

God knew what was coming in my own life---He knew what was coming in most of our lives.  We have stood together through divorce, death, cancer, loss of a child, heart issues, children and grands blessings and heartaches---all that life can throw at you.  We have cried together---hugged each other---talked and ran---talked and ran---talked and ran--together.  We've kept each others secrets--stood together--refused to discuss it with others---We have been family.  

I have moved--but they will always be family and I will always love them.  I rejoice and praise God that He placed them in my life all those years ago---knowing we would all need each other.  I am confident that each time I come "home" the others will welcome the sister back into the family and we will continue to love each other ---
who would have EVER dreamed all those years ago what He knew before time began--
We are Friends Forever!

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