One of the special blessings of coming to Ruston was meeting with my Bible Study group.  As we were discussing our book, I began thinking about the power I have allowed others to have over my life in the past.  I have a particular memory of a group of people that I stayed angry with for a LONG time---for their mistreatment of my loved one.  God finally showed me what that anger was doing to me---and how it affected my walk with Him.  I am sad to say that it took me many years to repent, lay that down, and move forward---but that is another thing that has shaped who I am now.  I rejoice to tell you that I did learn my lesson and to my knowledge do not harbor anger or ill feelings toward anyone today.

The life lesson behind this story---I allowed others to have power in my life by the mere fact that I harbored anger at them.  NOW--in all truthfulness--they probably were not even aware that I was angry---they moved on with their life after the incident AND if they did know--I am not sure they would have cared.   SO WHY would you allow someone who has wronged you to then also have power over you by carrying that anger or even hatred around?  They win if you do!  

I encourage you---today----put it down--pray for God to take it  (that's how I always remove those negative emotions)--give it up----DO NOT HOLD ON TO IT AND ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE TO DRAG YOU DOWN!  I certainly understand anger--and know there is "Righteous Anger"---but I also know we need to let it go--and replace it with the positive----otherwise---the one that caused your anger--they have the power over your life---not you or God which means you have allowed them to WIN!   Psalms 37:8

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