God has given me friends to laugh and cry---just live life with----today I am laughing---and hope you will see the humor and share a laugh with me-"Job 8:21"

There are 5 of us going on our hiking trip---I am training hard---but the dilemma may come with all the "Stuff" you have to carry along.  The first night we tried to put up the tent in Sonja's living room---the 2 "Spring Chickens" that are going with us ended up having to put it up for us.  Sonja and I did manage to get our rears in and out of the tent---with MUCH laughter---but putting that sucker up is quite a challenge--  After Spring Chicken #1 had to help get it back down and back in its sac---she looked at me and without cracking a smile said---"I am NOT going to put your tent up for you every night!"  Cracked me up---still giggle when I think of how serious she was when she stated that!

Now---Sonja and I have ordered our sleeping pads (for all you other novices like me--it's what goes UNDER the sleeping bag)---they are NOT self-inflatable.  OH DEAR!!!  I will be doing good to get up that mountain---and THEN I have to put up a tent AND blow up my sleeping pad!  I see trouble coming---SO I text Spring Chicken #1 and say:

"After you put my tent up every night on our trip, could you blow up my sleeping pad?"


"I can for sure---Plenty of hot air here!  Right after you carry my rear up the mountain!"

We will laugh ALL the way up those mountains---it's going to be a GREAT TRIP!

THEN for my second laugh for the day---my sweet friend Barbara sends me this advertisement:

I told her that if I put that on every night---once my claustrophobia kicked in--I would be running down the street screaming-probably without benefit of my shorts in a fit of craziness----adding to my reputation!

Thanking God for laughter!

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  1. Laughter is the best medicine...and I think before, during, and after this trip, you are going to have to laugh and laugh and keep it up! Fun Read!


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