Life around here REALLY gets interesting from midnight on----if you know me at all---you know I turn into a pumpkin LONG before that hour.  This past Saturday night---Whipper Snapper (Remember Him?--if not go here)---has his oldest son for the weekend--he's 8--had a brief meeting with him in the back yard.  SO I go to bed around 10---WS & WS II are just getting going---I hear them using some kind of high pitched machine until around 11:30.  That's OK--I can live with that.  THEN---at 3:30 AM----one of my neighbors--decides after an evening of imbibing---to have a screaming ---cursing fit---NO I'm SORRY---it was a CUSSING FIT---in front of my apartment---with 3-4 of his friends trying to talk him down.  NOW this reprobate did the SAME thing back in the Spring--except that time--he was fighting with one of his friends and they took it all the way down the block---before hushing.  NOW---I am CERTAIN---Reprobate is the SAME person--will NEVER forget his voice--NOR his very favorite word.  I started to go out and tell them to pipe down---but decided that might be suicidal--so after an hour--they disbanded or someone knocked him over the head--but they hushed!

Last night---I am thinking----OK--it's Sunday night---SURELY Reprobate is VERY hung over---and things will be quiet and I can sleep.  At 1:00 AM this bird starts singing SO loudly in the tree next to my bedroom window that I thought the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was rehearsing.  As I listen---I think that HAS to be a mockingbird---You do remember my encounter last summer with the mockingbird--No?--Look here--but it is the middle of the night.  He sings for 2 hours---LOUDLY.  When I drug myself out of the bed this morning--I looked it up and sure enough---the Northern Mockingbird will sing in the middle of the night---establishing his territory.  HEY--BUDDY---you can have the tree---just please STOP singing in the early morning hours!  SHOULD HAVE GUESSED---A YANKEE BIRD!!!

THEN to cap the night off---Whipper Snapper drags in and slams the door at 3:38 AM---NOT that I am watching the clock!  The Fort Worth Night Life--may do me in---but HEY I am NOT chasing armadillo's barefoot in the middle of the night anymore!

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