I made a return trip to the same church I attended last Sunday---since I still had not heard the "Lead Pastor".  When looking for a new church home--God impressed upon me 3 things--

1.  Hear the truth spoken
2.  A church where my gifts can be used in service to Him
3.  Fellowship among the Believers

Today I heard "The Truth"---spoken by a very young (30's) lead pastor--who was SO on target ---and a humble man of God.  I was very impressed and would love a steady diet of hearing from this gifted communicator.

Taken from Ephesians 5--with emphasis on verse 32--the message was about our families-this applies to all of us-no matter the status of our family!  The entire point of family---per God's perfect plan---is to point others to Jesus.  So even when our families are not whole--and part of the windows are blackened by a fallen world---others still need to see Jesus when they peep into the window that you are standing in front of.

My prayer--that others have seen Jesus--when they looked in my window and know that even in a broken family---I am still looking to Him---serving Him---and love him above all others.  Powerful reminder that others are watching us---and see the face of Jesus when they look at us.

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