All the grands went to Weatherford today to swim at the Jennings' beautiful pool.  They are ALWAYS so hospitable and kind, never hesitating to share their lovely home and take excellent care of us all.  Camille is very blessed to not only have a great husband, but also wonderful in-laws.  

While we were there, Adam and Camille made several under-water pictures with his cell phone.  Don't ask me how--I think it has something to do with the cover he has for it--but as you all know, I am a technical dummy.  The pictures are awesome---clear underwater portraits of all the swimmers in action--including the bubbles.

This started my wheels turning--if you are a swimmer and have ever been underwater with your eyes open--then you know that things are not always as they appear when you are looking at them through the water.  Another alteration of reality, but is it?  If it seems real when you have your eyes open and are looking directly at an object--then what it appears to be and where it appears to be---is that reality?    AGAIN with the question---if in your mind--something is reality---even if everyone else says it is not---then IS IT reality to you?

I PROMISE---I am off this subject after today.

ONLY my grands could sit in my chair---without me protesting--pick all their favorites to eat--even if I think it is a little strange--or actually very strange--and pick every silly sitcom that has ever been made without me uttering a word.  THAT IS WHAT Lulu's are for!  I well remember how wonderful my visits with my grandparents were and how much they spoiled me--My ONLY chance at being an only child--even for a brief time!  It's my duty and privilege to carry on the tradition!

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