I drove back from Austin today with 3 of the 5 grands in tow and all 5 in the same city---COLOR me happy!

It is a three hour trip--and I planned to stop in Waco which is half way for gas and a break.  I had thought of a brand new convenience store/gas station on the beaten path.  It did not occur to me until I pulled in for the rest stop that I had gotten off the interstate that takes you back to Fort Worth and in fact I was headed to Ruston.  Thankfully I had gone a very short distance before I made the stop and it was no big deal to get back on track.

Camille began Baylor in 2001 ---I traveled these roads for 4 years until she graduated.  She then worked in Waco for a year before marrying, and then married and lived there one more year.  SO for 6 years I had driven that path back and forth---forth and back--to see my sweet Camille.  THEN just before she moves to Erie for Adam to attend medical school, #1 son and family move to Austin.    It just so happens that you travel the same road through Waco to go to Austin. SO I have driven this same route since 2001---only for the last 6 years---there has not been a stop in Waco--but just traveling through.

It was second nature to get off that interstate and head to Ruston--and not even think about it.  Many things in life become second nature ---we do the same things over and over--and at some point not even think about them--we just do them.  I was well aware that I would probably always call Ruston home since I have spent 47 years there---but I wonder when it will finally dawn on me to not turn east toward Louisiana since I do not live there anymore.

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