The final full day is here---everyone is exhausted and legs are spent--but these people NEVER say die!  We leave Jim at the hotel and decide on a little touristing and a SHORT day hike.  Driving to Glen Springs, we spend some time looking in the cute --expensive tourist spots.  Glen Springs is known for a natural hot springs pool, and this sounds great to me---just soaking in the minerals while in a HOT Pool----BUT OH NO---we need to eat (OF COURSE) and then head to the Hanging Lake Trail.  The books says this is one of the most popular hikes in Colorado and there does seem to be a virtual parade of humanity.

I am reluctant to go---but these girls do not take NO for an answer.  Promising a short hike--yada yada yada.  It begins as a pleasant experience of strolling by a small mountain lake across from the railroad tracks that are cut into the side of the mountain.  We witnessed a train full of coal cars come through and it is quite amazing to see how many engines it takes to pull and push those cars over and through the mountains. 

THEN you begin the true hike---an ascent of over a mile 1000 feet altitude gain straight up--with steps made by drilling into the rock to get you up the mountain.  As we begin the hike, I comment that the lake is going to be at the top of this mountain.  Slyly Sam says, "Oh No", it will be just up a little.  7 bridges and more switch backs than I can remember you finally come to the last 30 feet which is so steep they have drilled guard railings into the mountain to keep you from falling off and to pull yourself up with.

At the top is a beautiful waterfall that empties into a clear mountain lake with such a delicate eco system that you are warned to not touch the water for fear of what the oil from your skin will do.  It is amazing how many people of all ages, sizes and shapes that make the climb considering how difficult it it.  It must be the lure of the short distance that you are promised and the promise around each bend that it cannot be much farther.  Truly amazing to see those that make the trek!

So the last day and the last hike draw another adventure to a close.  Time to go home with the hope that the nearness of God while here in his amazing creation will linger until His next revelation of His greatness!

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