It should be easier packing to go home!  All that food is gone--so more room-right--NO SUCH LUCK!  The only thing missing is the food--all the other has to be stuffed back in with the extra weight charge looming if you go over the "No Frill" airlines limit.  The wonderful thing about traveling with a group is the decreased cost from sharing accommodations and car rental cost!  The most expensive part of this trip was buying the gear necessary when I could not borrow it.  WELL---I guess this means I will have to take MORE hiking/camping trips to spread that cost over.  We are already talking about next year's trip.  It is a LONG way off---but it gives me something to look forward to.  NORTH TO ALASKA---that's good enough for me!

The two new hiking partners prove to be quite enjoyable AND know a LOT about camping--SCORE!  They are flexible and low key and most important FUN to be with.  It is also nice to enjoy the fresh aroma of youth!

With the car loaded, we begin the long drive through the mountains back to the mile high city of Denver---eating one last meal together (always trying Food Channel finds). This has been a truly great adventure that has taught me a lot.  Thankfully after all the weight lifting, I had no problem carrying the weight on my back.  My problem comes from getting enough oxygen into my system at those altitudes.  I have learned that I MUST do some running and other cardio training.  Plan to begin running and power walking again SOON.

We know how to function as a group better and what to take and how to prepare for the next one.  I am thankful for the blessing of safe travels and the magnificence of God's creation and wonderful friends to share it all with.

NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO WRITE ABOUT?????  Would you consider starting a fund to finance another trip?  My day to day life may bore you to tears!

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  1. Lora, I doubt anything about your life would be boring!


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