Webster's Dictionary
posture--posturing-transitive verb
:  to cause to assume a given posture :  pose
intransitive verb
:  to assume a posture; especially :  to strike a pose for effect
:  to assume an artificial or pretended attitude
Let me begin by explaining transitive and intransitive--in case you are not a dummy like me and know this already--just skip this paragraph.  Transitive verbs have a direct object.
My photographer will pose the model.
The baby drank the bottle.
The president is pushing the idea.
model,bottle, idea are all objects and the sentence needs them to be complete sentence.

Intransitive verbs cannot take a direct object.
The model posed quickly.
The bow bowed low.
Politicians are posturing continuously.
quickly, low, continuiously are adverbs that describe the action verb and not objects--thus intransitive.
FASCINATING BLOG SO FAR?  I have to get you all set up for the point!
My initial response to the word posturing---is a political ploy to give others the impression that you are on the same page that they are politically.  There is a LOT of that posturing happening---even now as I write.  Perhaps that fits the definition number 2.
My grands do a LOT of posturing to get their way and be the center of attention.  Anything from calling my name, to serious negotiations--they are putting themselves in a posture (position) to get the full attention of the adults in the room or to get what ever thing their little hearts currently desire.  
Some might even construe posturing as manipulation!  With the grands--there is NOT ONE THING subtle about their posturing---and it comes across as just what it is--manipulation to get what they want.  Perhaps with a politician--it could be a little more subtle.  Tickling our ears--to get our votes or our support in the current polls-with no intention of fulfilling the promise.

Why I even been known to do a little posturing---"Oh I couldn't possibly take your last piece of chocolate pie. I have not had a good piece of chocolate pie in years--since my grandmother died--but I wouldn't want to take your last piece."
My good friend wrote a post recently stating that her knees would be aching if she had been in the posture recommended with all the praying she has been doing--for our military, our country, our leaders, the list goes on and on.  This same friend needs a hip replacement and has a heart condition.  I felt led to tell her what I consider truth--
When we are told to fall on our knees or prostrate on the floor--it is NOT so much about the position of your body----What God is interested in is the position of your heart. I searched the scriptures and found prayers from MANY positions.   I have been on my knees--plenty--but I will tell you that God also responds when I am upright and staring at heaven--with a broken heart---asking Him "Why?".  He just desires for you to communicate with Him.  Standing, sitting, bowing, kneeling, face down on the floor--just talk to Him---with your heart in the right place and the desire to hear Him--just talk to Him and He will hear you.

"As surely as you live, my lord, I am the woman who stood here beside you praying to the Lord."
"I Samuel 1:26
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  1. Very lofty, but your actions belie your intent... stealth vengeance....Best wishes on your pursuit, and hopefully peace will be yours. You seem a little defensive.... I will not be a problem for you... not worth it..


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