It is done---the book that I have talked about so much---it is finished and published--

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Written at God's prompting, the words gushed out of me-but not without tears and sorrow remembered.  I am praying someone will read and know with His faithful love and presence, you can survive--He will not forsake you or leave you and He will walk the path with you.  And somewhere along the way, you will remember the joy-and begin to look for tomorrow and the blessings it will bring.  Through it all, I stand in testimony - He is truly all I need!  

I leave you with an excerpt--the first paragraph:

The day was like so many others---following my usual routine of an early morning run, a hot shower, and a quick breakfast.  Lord, how could I know that in the blink of an eye my entire world would begin its slow free-fall into my pit of despair?   Actually more than one blink, I am so stunned, paralyzed with unbelief, and frozen with the nightmare beyond my wildest imagination; the unthinkable; the beginning of the death of my marriage.  The tears that begin that day and still sometimes appear are gut wrenching. The shaking that begins with those tears thankfully slowly calms with time and eventually leaves me.  These physical repercussions of emotional devastation are my body’s reaction to the extreme shock of what I have actually declared would never happen.  I still cry, but it is not the same weeping that started at my deepest core.  My tears spill out until I become dry and then I cry dry tears of sorrow.  Deep heaving sobs that attempt to empty the bottomless well of pain filled by the deep spring of sorrow. 

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."
Psalm 147:3
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