There was a time-a lovely time
The doorbell would ring and I would answer 
Before my eyes what wonder would be
But not one but a dozen sweet red roses

Delicate petals and green foliage
A sweet fragrant smell
And a symbol of beauty
But heed my warning-careful do not touch
For they come with thorns hidden in the beauty

Beautiful symbols of a beautiful gift
Reminders of love and the hope for the future
Thanks for the past and delight for the day
A soft touch by the depth of the beauty of the rose

The doorbell stopped ringing and there is no knock
Only silence stands at the front of the door
The gift of the roses is no more
The scent of the sweet has gone away

The past is all gone and will never be
What is left is dried petals from all of those roses
Dried petals that crumble with a mere touch
And then it is gone in the dust of the past

But wait there is still a bud
There is still a rose that appears everyday
An eternal and lovely bloom
The most beautiful Rose of Sharon
That comes each day to the same door
All I must do is answer the knock
To enjoy the eternal, fragrant, perfect flower
Delivered with great love and tenderness
By the Master Gardener Himself
To His dearly Beloved.

Today I am thankful for all the roses in my life,
but especially the most beautiful rose of them all.

"I am the Rose of Sharon, a Lilly of the Valleys."
Solomon 2:1

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