What are you afraid of?  I have friends that are terrified of snakes.  I was raised in a small town in the middle of 7 acres with a pond and woods all around the back.  I got over being afraid of snakes a LONG time ago.  I leave the good ones alone and take the hoe to the poisonous ones.  Would not want to risk one of the grands coming upon the "bad ones"

Some are afraid of the dark---got over that one a long time ago also.  Being raised with brothers and cousins that DELIGHTED in scaring you in the dark--you learned to show no fear.   If they got the slightest glimmer of fear--the torment began.  I slept with my head under the covers and only my nose sticking out until I was in high school.  You did not dare tell Momma you were afraid either-she could be worse than the brothers & cousins!

You have all heard "My Grizzly Story".  I had to overcome some fears to hike in bear country.  Let common sense prevail and hike with a big group--which works well until a couple of your buddies bolt and run.  There would be no adventures unless you conquer you fears---there is always some danger.

I have already written about the danger of break ins and robberies while living in the city and the precautions I have taken.  I am not fearful of this happening---I have exercised caution and do have a weapon.  All to help conquer any potential fear.

The weather can be uncertain.  I have heard a great deal of conversation recently about tornadoes---the wind to be feared in Texas.  I have not only never been afraid of storms, but tend to enjoy them.  I love to sit outside during a storm and watch the wind blow and the rain come down in the midst of the thunder and lightning.  Why I have even been known to be stupid enough to get caught out running in the lightning and rain.  Fastest I EVER ran!  On the bright side---I have a basement to run to---GASP---foreign concept to a girl from Louisiana with a water table 2 inches down.  

We would never learn trust or never need courage unless we were first afraid.  Fear is not necessarily a bad thing.  I DO have fears!  What am I fearful of---an uncertain future, stock market crashes, something happening to one of my children or grands. Things which I have no control over.  Should I sit around and worry about something which I can do nothing about? 

God gave us fear so that we could overcome it!  He teaches us trust by allowing us to conquer our fears and rely upon the facts.  There are things we can control--stepping on snakes, wandering up on a bear, the dark, burglars, and storms---we can control our fear by being watchful and prepared.  Those things we have no control over---because He has allowed us to conquer our fears over the other--we learn we can trust His protection in all our life.  Put aside your fears--lean into Him and trust Him---allow Him to conquer your fears.

"Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31:6

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