I have a new love affair--such a sweet--sweet---sinfully delightful---lust filled affair of the heart--well no--the stomach!  After YEARS of abstaining--I have fallen off the wagon and reconnected with my old love,  A love that began as a mere child and has pulled me back with the magnetic pull that only a first love possesses.  I have found I c e   C r e a m once again.

It all started as a mere child--there were no sweets kept in Momma's house--EXCEPT for ice cream---and we ate LOTS of ice cream.  During those post WWII days, there was never a battle of which flavor, things were simpler during those days--including the choices of flavors of ice cream.  We had-chocolate, "the Three Kinds"to (Neapolitan), and vanilla----PERIOD.  Not to worry--I LOVED them all--so did the entire James family.  OH and vanilla with chocolate syrup was even better than chocolate.  Thus began the love affair.

THEN as a young adult--young mother with children--along came Baskin Robbins----MERCY!  I set off on a quest to try each and every flavor in the freezer.  AND THEN--I discovered Pralines & Cream and became obsessed.  Always in a cup--always two scoops---MANY nights---I well remember the flavor that #1 son loved "Daiquiri Ice"---in other words lime sherbet.

The only thing better than store bought ice cream is home made ice cream--and I could eat my weight in it---ANY flavor---especially on a hot summer night.  The ONLY time I remember refusing a bowl of homemade was when silly SIL made "Banana Ice Cream"---THAT IS JUST WRONG!  We NEVER let her live that down.

Yes--ice cream comes in so many flavors and choices these days that it is mind boggling.  AND now they make these little one serving containers which means that I can go in and choose MANY different flavors.  GO AHEAD FEED MY OBSESSION!   We are all different and have different tastes---and that is why we have so many different flavors.  It is a GOOD thing!

Believers also come in many flavors---or denominations---we are all different--and some desire to worship in the time honored traditional liturgical high church and some the new contemporary style.  The spectrum runs from "high church" to the contemporary worship with rock bands and plenty of action happening.  I see nothing wrong with either--and the reason we have different denominations is to meet different personal preferences.  The important thing is worship---of the one true God---whatever the style--the focus is God.  The Apostles Creed--which was written  in the very early days of the Christian church-declares a belief in the holy catholic church.  Look it up--it is talking about the church universal---all of us believers under one shield--the shield of Christ.  At the root of it all ---it is just like ice cream-there are many flavors--but they all start with the same base--a frozen custard.  So it is with believers--we all start with the same base---Jesus.  What loveliness in diversity--and yet the universal claim of grace through Christ.  Pick a flavor--any flavor!

"There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call— one Lord, one faith, one baptism,"
Ephesians 4:4-5

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