There was a time in my life--
a time that I guarded my heart
Protecting it from all pain and suffering
A Wall around it which left no room
For Tears to fall--

I felt sorry for you--0r so I thought
Giving lip service to my sympathy
Wishing you comfort in your pain
Hoping tomorrow was a better day

And Then--God taught me how to weep
I tried my hardest to be strong
The pain was too great 
It broke through the resolve
The tears began to fall

Once the dam was broken
They rained down in a storm
A flood of tears in my brokenness
All stoicism melted away

Jesus taught me how to weep
And now--now the tears fall freely
I see your great pain 
And I know your heartbreak
I look at you--and I weep

I weep for the loss of your loved one
Life of two as one--interrupted too soon

I weep for the loss of your child
This should never be--losing a child far too early

I weep for your worry--your pain--your struggle
As you wonder how you will make this day

I weep for those who have no families
For the legion of unwanted and cast away.

I weep for those who are hungry and cold
With no hope for tomorrow.

I weep for those cast aside--sold for gain
Who must wonder why they exist.

I weep for all who are alone
Surrounded by the bleakness of no love

I weep--I weep for you all--
Jesus taught me how to weep
How to look upon your sorrow
And to feel your great pain

I cannot hear your story
I cannot know your loss
I cannot acknowledge your struggle
Without the tears falling

It was a painful lesson
Learning how to weep
I am so glad He loved me so much
That he taught me how to cry

I am weeping with you, Friend
And as I weep I also pray
For His nearness and comfort
As we walk along this path

For your courage as you struggle
For your faith to sustain you
For your trust to only grow
Until we cry no more

For now--I weep with you

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever."
Revelation 21:4

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  1. Yes, yes. God stores our tears in a bottle. Jesus wept. And in these Scriptures, we are given a precious invitation to do this hard work.

    Shedding tears.


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