The cat fight from last week was on-going this week.  An avalanche of emails continued ---the pros and cons of letting your cats run loose.  Here is what I learned from all the hurrah---

In their defense---cats cover their poop up--unlike disgusting dogs

BUT---this makes it difficult to know you are about to step in a big pile of it when it has 1/4 " dirt covering

Some dogs seem to like to ingest cat poop---others just like to roll around in it.

Cats are pets--not feral animals and should not be allowed to roam around for fear of what could happen to them

Cats are natural hunters and are intended to roam freely.

At one point I thought it best to de-claw the entire hood.  It got TESTY---
and then there was the mother who once again asked "Why are you people so quick to defend a cat or rescue a dog, when you virtually ignore the neighborhood children?"   

WOW---so much for a peaceful existence!

THE NEXT topic of e mail conversation was the "Road Diet".  SILLY ME---I had NO IDEA a road could go on a diet!!!

Turns out they took the four lane thoroughfare that runs through the middle of the hood and turned it into a two lane with a turning lane.  GET IT---they decreased the size of the road.  It was done in a concern for the speed of the traffic through the middle of the hood.  There was MUCH discussion about this--via email---but the majority seemed satisfied it has helped.  There was a smidgen of discussion about "The Idiots" who speed down the turn lane at 45 MPH.

TODAY is the "HOOD WIDE GARAGE SALE".   All those neighbors interested in hosting a garage sale do it on the same day.  The NHA advertises and it attracts hordes of people.  Unfortunately since I have down sized to 2 pairs of socks and underwear and one of everything else---I will not be participating!

The news at the cottage---is the irrigation system and landscaping are being done.  It is feeling more and more like home---with my personal touches.  The plants and grass and oh yes---the foundation should be happy this summer with this change.

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