In my conversations with other singles, the subject of "On Line Dating Sites" has come up.  Some of these brave friends have dared to put themselves out there and explore this foreign territory.  I have heard some fascinating and interesting stories.  There are success stories---I know of two married couples that met on-line---BUT there are also many disasters.

The cause of the disasters almost always was failure to tell and live the truth.  In an attempt to extend grace, perhaps the perception one has of themselves is in fact far from reality.  I am NOT certain how you can look in the mirror and think you are 6 feet tall when in reality if you stretch you are 5'6"---BUT.  Then there are those that post a picture that is 10+years old---and those that list there occupation as chef and work at Micky D's flipping burgers--and those that are athletic but only exercise is stroll to the frig.  Mis-representation of whom you really are is risky business.

I find myself lonesome at times, but NOT lonesome enough to dare and risk this adventure.  Sorting through the responses, establishing communication, and eventually meeting face to face with a stranger does not sound like a great deal of fun.  As I talked this over with a good friend last week, I was doubled over in laughter in one moment and mouth wide in dis-belief and shock in the next.  

While thinking this over, it occurred to me that I/we are worthy of pursuit.  There is much to offer and a nice/neat little package that it all is wrapped up in.  Above average intelligence,  belly laughing, good listening, hard working,  not too old to stroll, toe tapping, people loving, hard hugging, soul baring, adventure seeking, and passable cook---I am worthy of pursuing.

This conclusion dawned when I remembered "The Great I Am" Himself has seen me as worthy and pursued me.  He finds me lovable and lovely and He seeks my companionship and desires a relationship with me.  The King of Kings and Lord of Lords loves me faithfully--completely--and comes after me with great intent.  He knows me for who I am--and still He desires me---

"The Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you."
Jeremiah 31:3

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  1. This is beautiful. How wonderful is that we are worthy of pursuit just the way we are. How often do we forget this and pretend to be someone else? I think we are the most attractive when we fully blossom the way we designed to be ;-) ox


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