BAA---BAA !!!!!

The Word is filled with references to sheep.  Why does God/Jesus use this lowly earthly animal over and over in His teachings?

Most of you do not know  my brother and I raised sheep for years as a 4-H project.  For all of you city dwellers---look 4-H up---a club of youth who take on projects each year which encourage growth, responsibility, and education.  I took it for granted all these years--that Daddy wanted us to do it--so we raised sheep.  It has finally dawned on me--that God was teaching me---a LONG time ago---all about sheep.

The similarities between sheep and us is striking----

They are not smart animals--and that is being generous.  

They are easily led astray

Often in trouble by wandering where they should not be

Unaware of the wolves all around them

They will literally eat themselves to death

And then while we were raising sheep there was the sheep mommy (ewe) who backed her lamb into a corner to protect it when the hay caught fire.  She was horribly burned, but she saved her lamb.

And then we had a sheep bully (ram) who delighted in head butting you if you came near his little harem of girls (ewes).

For the most part--sheep are very docile animals--who  seem to put not much or perhaps any thought into their next move--they spend their time eating what is in front of them and wandering around looking for the next blade of green grass with no thought to the danger around.

Put a bell on the lead sheep and the rest will follow him anywhere--even off the nearest cliff.  They have little or no way to protect themselves from the dangers all around them.  They are totally reliant upon the shepherd for protection, care, and leadership.

Do you notice any collieries?  All these years later--the light has dawned why He taught me all about sheep.  I am totally dependent upon My Shepherd--for I am not very smart--and live in a land filled with danger-- to supply my every need.  

"I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me- just as the Father knows me and I know the Father-
and I lay down my life for the sheep."
John 10:14-15


  1. The only person I care to follow anymore is Jesus!! What an awesome perspective! LOVE THIS!

  2. oh this hits close to home ... I'm seeing alot of my humanness in these sheep-ish descriptions!

    help me, Lord!

  3. Hi Lulu! (love the music background!) I am one of those 'city girls' so I enjoyed reading about sheep. Ina lot of ways they are like children, aren't they? Not really looking to tomorrow, no consequences for actions. Just the next field.

    I am just like that too. Such a short sighted child, who needs a Shepherd. I am so blessed to have the best, just like you!


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