My prayer list is long---and I am privileged to be asked to pray--but I am hearing whispering in my ear---

"There is NO joy!"

A precious baby---is taken in a moment--leaving his heart broken parents and family submerged in grief

The grief endured when loosing a precious young woman FAR too early

A mother with a disabled son--she must now watch him fight a deadly cancer

Broken families--with children reeling in the wake

Tragic accidents leaving grieving spouses encapsulated in loneliness

The slow disappearance of a spouse attacked by Alzheimer's while physically present

Illness of the mind---leaving parents at a loss as to how to advocate and unmuddle the confusion

Those who are alone and lonely--facing the world with no one by their side--some raising children

Poverty all around me-the homeless on the side of the street two blocks away

Children who are struggling with learning

and the list goes on and on--

And all the while--the whispering in my ear  "There is no joy"

And then I am reminded as I look out at a beautiful blue sky---there is joy--in each and every day---but heart ache also comes our way--sometimes more than we can bear.

Then I am reminded---"There is Joy in Jesus."  The real and true joy---it all comes from Him.  There is no explanation for most of the other--and it is sometimes unbearable and at a minimum severely painful---THEN I LEAN in---and look to Him---the only true and complete joy.

"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock."
Isaiah 26:4


  1. Joy comes from the Lord!!! And it's my responsibility to spread it!!

  2. Grief seems to flowing at full tide these days for some very special people in my world.

    And all I can think of is this - 'Jesus wept.'


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