I have done a lot "Wandering Around" since I moved to FW.  After years of running---I seem to believe I have an internal compass.  In a city where the roads have been built over a LONG time AND there is a river running through it--that is not always smart.  More than once--I have had to retrace my steps and start all over.  FRUSTRATING--since it takes at least 15 minutes to get anywhere.  I do not have a cell that talks to me---and it is pretty dangerous for me to look at the map on it when it pulls up directions while driving--so I often trust MY instincts.  That works sometimes!

Back in the "Good Old Days", I ran at the Lincoln Parish Park every week.  In the beginning, I followed someone else and concentrated on the tough trail ahead.  As I got braver, I began to go alone at times or with another who knew as little as I did about where all those trails lead.  How many times did I run in a circle?   Fortunately all trails lead to the road!

The problem---I do not look at a map---or ask directions.  I rely upon myself to find the way.  BIG MISTAKE!

In Genesis we find good old Jacob---He was promised it ALL even before he took his first breath.  Did he trust God---did he wait for the path to be revealed---OH NO---it was not according to his time table---He thought God needed a little help----Even after God visited him in a dream---TOLD HIM--this is what I am going to give you---he STILL was bargaining with Him.  How much easier would it have been and less time consuming to take the direct route?  We will never know!

Lord---help me---to be patient and wait as You reveal your path and plan---wait for the map---and stop going the wrong way!

"If God stands by me and protects me on this journey on which I am setting out, keeps me in food and clothing, and brings me back to my father's house in one piece, this God will be my God."
Genesis 28: 20-21


  1. For sure ... we're alot like Jacob, thinking God needs a hand from us, when He designed us to follow Him ...

  2. He has already been where we are going and will show us the way!!


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