I have been in R for a few days visiting.  It was time---it has been over six months.  When I received the email that STARR testing was happening this week in Fort Worth schools---I knew is was time.  We get busy---time flies by!  As I drove into the city limits---I knew---Ruston Will Always Be Home---you cannot live in a 20 mile radius for 64 years and not feel that way. Each hug and every greeting was balm to my heart. If I missed seeing you---hopefully you will forgive me--a few days JAM PACKED with seeing Ruston friends and family.

Fort Worth is slowly beginning to feel like home also.  I am making some good friends and loving my church and ministry opportunities.  Perhaps this qualifies me to be cosmopolitan---two homes!   What a huge blessing--having two places to call home.

I picked the most beautiful time of the year to visit---Spring.  Except for the thick layer of yellow pollen covering every surface and the itchy eyes and sneezing--It Is Perfect!

I began to see the thick draping of the wisteria vines almost as soon as I crossed the state line.  The trees are a wonder filled with the purple blooms.

Azalea bushes plump with buds---just beginning to open.

Woods and yards adorned with Dogwood trees in full bloom.

The lake at the parish park---in the midst of a forest--soon to be hidden by limbs thick with leaves.

What makes a place feel like home?
It is not necessarily the city---
the people make the difference.

I am truly blessed to now call Ruston & Fort Worth my homes!

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  1. I miss Ruston. There are the parts I ran away from, but for the most part it was a beautiful place to call home. Thank you for sharing the wonderful aspects of a town that I had grown to despise. It reminds me that I didn't have it all that bad!


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