My time of mentoring and tutoring is spent in a room with many other students and mentors.    I have developed a special relationship with one of these precious children and her mentor.  We often spend time together working on projects, sharing snacks, and developing community.

Recently this precious child told me her mother had passed.  A profound and life affecting occurrence for one so young.  What she did not realize was she had shared with someone who knew exactly what she was talking about and understood with great empathy her loss.  If I explained all the intricacies involved in the opportunity for her to share with me, you would like me--know God orchestrated the moment.  Her family was incomplete--one side of the two cords that kept her swing swinging had disappeared, exactly as my life had been.  It is a permanent life shaping occurrence.

I looked at her and told her how sorry I was and then explained my daddy had died when I was in school also.  I understood the loss of a parent and the day to day reminders.   I shared the assurance of how proud her mother was of her, I explained how her mother lived on through her.

When she asked, "Do you go visit your Daddy?", I must admit at first I was taken back.  I replied, "Do you mean at the cemetery?"  Her response was a silent nod of the head with her eyes downcast.

Taking a deep breath, I told her the cemetery where my daddy rested was a long way away and that I was unable to visit very often.  Pausing--I allowed time for her to slowly look back up. I smiled and said, "But I do visit him in my memories which are stored deep within my heart. He has a new home now and is no longer here---he lives in a beautiful heaven with our great God . "  She smiled as she gazed into my eyes and I squeezed her sweet hand as we continued down the path.  

God often gifts us with beautiful and eternal moments.  What a Blessing!

"My son, keep your father's commands and do not forsake your mother's teaching.  Bind them upon your heart forever; fasten them around your neck."
Proverbs 6:20-21


  1. God is so good to put you exactly where you needed to be that day for HER! I am in tears over her loss and I will keep her in my prayers. Thank you for being there for her. You are precious and are used by Him to help SO MANY PEOPLE.

  2. i just love how you are living your life, investing your gifts, sharing the love, Lulu. your early loss enables you to share very real compassion.

    blessings this weekend, my friend ...

  3. Oh, but I have been so blessed!


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