The youngest of the five grandboys is QUITE the character.  You can already see his little personality at 18 months.  This one requires a set of eyes upon him every waking hour.  I affectionately call him "The Meddler"!  Toys hold his interest for a few minutes at best---BUT he has never seen a cabinet, drawer, closet, basket, that did not need exploring.  His fascination with plugs-computers-electronics has convinced me he will be an electrical engineer.  He has never seen a button-switch-mouse that did not need his touch.

As I was watching him play in the backyard recently, I laughed out loud when he strolled over to the play house---looked at the door---even made sure it still opened and closed---and then proceeded to crawl into the window--head first.  The easy way is never his way---he prefers to travel the more difficult route.

Why would anyone sit in a chair at the table when he can climb up the same chair and sit in the middle of the top of the table.  How many times has he yelled for help when he becomes aware he is stuck at the top of his latest climb with no way down.

I am firmly convinced this is a genetic personality trait.  Some of us find aversion to EVER taking the easy path--following directions---doing what we have been told is the correct way.  We prefer taking the path less traveled---full of danger--taking much longer--convinced we know best.  Why listen to wisdom---someone is trying to sell us a bill of goods---just get out of my way and let me go.

The Word is filled with examples of those with the same personality trait.  God gave Jonah instructions---he refused to obey and got to enjoy the scenic ride in the belly of the big fish--stomach bile--YUCK!  The Israelites refused to be grateful for God's provision and plan---so they got to wander around in the desert for 40 years and eat the same meal EVERY DAY!   

Some of us seem to be slow learners--destined to follow the more difficult path--I am praying with time and teaching--Grand #5 will become a wise man of God-who listens and obeys.  For now though---we are just keeping a constant eye on him and rescuing him from the danger and peril he seems to be determined to pursue.

For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.
Psalm 48:14

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  1. Ohhhhh such an adorable little boy-so adorable! Honey, I've been around the proverbial mountain more times than I can count. I keep thinking I've learned my lesson and then I realized I still didn't get it. I sure don't want to be stuck in that whale's belly forever. Yes, it stinks. Thanks for sharing.


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