The hood has been in a major uproar lately---


This set off an avalanche of emails---when they finally called in a herpetologist--I began to think OK--ENOUGH!  The neighbors were extremely alarmed over said snake--
The first 25 emails were all about the identity of Mr. Snake--the next 25 were wondering about his where abouts---the next 25 were local experts identifying said snake and the last 25 were about what we should do about the snake.

I might be a country girl---but this all seemed a little over board to me.  All of us from the sticks know---his name is Jake----if he has a viper head--he is poisonous---if not he is a good snake.  If he is a good snake--he is eating the local varmints-leave him be--if he is a poisonous snake---a long shovel, a sharp hoe, or a loaded 38/20 gauge will take care of the intruder.  We do not spend a great deal of time in the country calling our local snake experts from the zoo---most of us have been around snakes enough to know deadly when we see it and take care of the problem pronto.

Then there were the eggs.  It seems high school graduation brings a rash of egg throwing at cars parked on the street every year.  While I certainly would not want my car covered in egg, this seems pretty tame compared to some of the graduation antics we hear about.  The throwers seemed to have good aim and the neighbors sent a flurry of emails discussing tracking down the chicken bombs.  The neighbor who reported the large empty egg case from Costco took the cake.  He suggested the case be finger-printed or Costco questioned about who had been buying cases of eggs.  Yes, I am certain the police have egg throwing at the top of their list and anyone buying eggs in Costco would naturally draw suspicion.

Life in the city----NEVER dull--especially when you are connected via email!


  1. One word: Ewwwwwww! We raised chickens in Alabama and one day I walked into the coop and there layed a huge snake, my husband swears he heard me scream all the way down to the house.---- Hmm..never dull in a neighborhood is it? Shaking my head..I guess some people have too much time on their hands to want to fingerprint etc..(giggling) Blessings

  2. Love that you're connected to your neighbors ... this is surely a wonderful gift!


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