The drums have been relatively quiet this week---no major crisis's--no throw-downs--all is at peace here in the hood.  Lost cats, looking for homes for strays, hunting for reliable contractors, more of the day to day.

I did have a couple of sweet visitors this week and we played and enjoyed the Fort Worth wildlife---AS IN ANIMALS PEOPLE!  We went to the zoo!

It was only in the low 90's the day we chose to take our tour.  We all lasted about three hours, which is pretty amazing since we had a 3-2-1 year old with us.  We saw a lot of the exhibits, but not all.  It is a HUGE zoo!

As we entered the gates, I heard my kindred spirits --The Monkeys---calling me.  Unfortunately we never made it by the primates---I KNOW my monkey friends were disappointed---since we often speak the same language.

You CANNOT go to the zoo here and not see the two baby elephants-

Beautiful Alexis, in this video, is one of my sweet new friends here in Fort Worth and a member of my church small group. She also is in charge of the PR/Special Events Department at the zoo.   It is GOOD to know important people!

We saw LOTS of snakes, reptiles, mammals, birds, fish---MANY members of God's Wild Kingdom.  Go here and see the zoo's debut on Wild Kingdom.

The zoo has a HUGE iguana which sits on top of a building on one of the prominent FW streets.  The story of his arrival and debut via helicopter--per Alexis is hilarious.  ONLY IN TEXAS!

A week of swimming, trampoline park, park, and the zoo---FUN TIMES!  



  1. Hmm..we have the same kindered spirit, lol. We often tease our son that we bought him from the crazy 8 cage from the monkey exhibit from the Birmingham Zoo, lol. ---I do not miss the heat & extreme humidity of the south..sounding like a broken record (grins). I don't know how you can be out in it..smiles--thanks for a another great always make me smile. Blessings

    1. Well, Linda, as you remember it is either be out in it--or stay at home in a box---I am OUT IN IT!
      Weekend Blessings to You!

  2. A visit to the zoo is always wonderful. I remember we went last summer and it was very hot: 35 Degrees C in the shade. I was very clever though. I didn't stay in the shade!

    God bless.

    1. Chuckling, Victor--once again--you have me chuckling!

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