Three of the Grands--Maintaining Balance

While at the zoo, I passed by a couple of bird exhibits which caught my eye-

As I gazed at the bird wonders---I was struck by their ability to maintain their balance on one skinny leg.  The bulk of their mass is suspended in mid air on a leg with the appearance of a twig.  

I have given yoga a whirl in my lifetime pursuit of fitness.  This picture should be explanation enough why I did not stick with it.  So many are enthralled and laud the experience of yoga.  I felt as if someone had told me to cross my legs and arms behind my back while balancing on the tip of my nose.  NOT my cup of tea!

Spending my professional career counting beans---Staying in Balance is necessary in the world of accounting.   I would explain it to all you novices, but then I would have to kill you---it is ALL A BIG SECRET---job security!

There is a thread of balance running through my life.  As I mulled it over, I thought about the littlest grand and watching him learn to walk.  We come into this world---with no sense of balance.  Our muscles and muscle memory must learn how to hold us in an up-right position and then as we establish balance we attempt to walk.

As we age, one of the things we loose is our ability to balance.  A combination of loss of core strength and slower inner ear response cause many of the elderly to loose their balance.  We do not catch ourselves as quickly if the leveler gets off and down we go.  MANY a broken hip is the unfortunate result.  So we begin life with no capability of balancing ourselves and we end life reverting back to having no balance.

I have always laughed and said, "I might be a bubble off center"  This in no way describes my ability to stand up-right and proceed, but has everything to do with my quirkiness!

The truth is maintaining balance in my life is a day to day task.  Allowing busyness to obstruct my vision of my priorities, I loose sight of how my day needs to line up to stay in balance.  The world crowds in and I loose sight of my plumb line---The Word.  To finish well---and maintain balance---I must not look down--but always up---seeking the focal point which will serve me well while seeking to maintain balance. Only The Father can keep me centered and balanced as I continue the walk down the path.

You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, take care that you are not carried away with the error of lawless people and lose your own stability.
II Peter 3:17


  1. Another great post Lulu..loved seeing your grands. Blessings

    1. My crew of boys, Linda---FIVE grandsons---NO granddaughters--there IS STILL HOPE! Love my boys!
      Weekend Blessings To You, Friend!

  2. Yes, Lulu ... the whole life balance thing is a series of daily 'yes, please' and 'no, thanks' responses. Thoughtful choices, hopefully ... with lots of discernment from on high.

    1. Someday's-it becomes a juggling act---unfortunately, Linda. But I catch myself with His gentle nudges and once again walk upright---Thankful for His vigilant protection!

  3. Another wonderful post Lulu. Thanx.

    In order to maintain my natural balance and fitness I joined a yogurt club years ago. Didn't work. I kept falling in the tub.

    God bless.

    1. OH VICTOR! Thank you for always giving me an out loud chuckle! I refuse to confess my bad eating habits---my hidden sins will not be penned for the world to see!


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