The on-going sage of unclaimed dog poop took a leap to new heights this week.  I believe at last count their were more than 10 emails in the thread.  The last one a request to keeping the conversation shorter in an effort to curtail the lengthy email.  The conversation ranged from "go to your brother one on one and point out the error of their ways", to "do unto your neighbor by picking up their dog's poop", to install "install nannie cams and smite the head of the offending pooper's handler".  MY MY MY---

Click on this photo and look at his face---and see SHAME!
Even the dog knows better!

The annual "Clean up the Hood" day is coming.  We are all invited to a wonderful Saturday of cleaning out the alleys ans sprucing up the common areas.  My idea of fun!

Someone inquired if the "Graffiti Abatement Office" had been notified about the new graffiti on the near by underpass.  WHO KNEW there was such a thing as Graffiti Abatement??  WOW  -someone makes a living going around erasing spray painted words of wisdom on public surfaces!  One of the citizens of The Hood suggested we paint murals on these surfaces for public enjoyment.  Perhaps that explains this mural on the wall across from the Mission.  I only captured a portion of it with my cell camera--it is an entire block long.

And finally--the entire world is in panic over-drive concerning the spread of Ebola.  Dr SIL has calmed any fears I might have had -BUT after spotting this I have discontinued eating any type of beef.  I am pretty sure there has been a resurgence of "MAD COW DISEASE" after spotting this fellow!

This fellow below has been here this week while working and I have rediscovered the joys of cooking.  So much fun to cook for an appreciative partaker!

And this "Silly Goose" is four years old today!  WHERE does the time go when you are having fun!

And that's all the news here in The Hood, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and the children above average.


  1. Why can't people leave their names on their dog's poop so we can identify the guilty ones who do not pick it up?

    1. INDEED, Victor---sort of like a poop calling card!

  2. This is the funnest blog yet!!! Love your neighborhood "watch"!!! I hear a new spring in your step, smile on your face and contentment in your soul!!!! Missing you here in Ruston. love

  3. Happy Birthday silly goose (smiles and winks)!!!!!---I would not call that graffiti by the way, that, my friend, is a beautiful piece of art!!!!--we have a "dudley do right" that goes around and tickets people if they don't pick up their dogs "litter". yep. I'll refrain furthur comment, LOL.


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