Although it is really something---I am NOT referring to the


The state in which I live is the State of Denial--

I have pretty much spent a lifetime in this state of blissful denial.

My jeans seem to be getting tight--why NO---I have not gained any weight---they shrunk in the wash.

Why yes, my car does seem to be knocking, but it cannot be anything serious.

There is a stack of correspondence/business a mile high on my desk, but it can wait until a rainy day.

Hum those symptoms seem to be getting worse, but if I just wait a few more days, it will get better.

I keep forgetting names or worse yet--calling someone the wrong name for a few months---it has nothing to do with aging.

The flower beds are in dire need of weeding, but with winter coming any day the first freeze should kill those weeds.

Winter is coming, but the drainage problem will get better with time or perhaps it will not rain this winter.

I lost my winter coat in my moves, but perhaps it will not be cold this winter and I can get by without one.

ON AND ON----I can deny the truth when it is sitting right in front of my nose. 

No one goes to bed hungry at night.

Everyone has a roof over their head.

We have the most advanced medical system in the world here, so everyone is receiving medical care.

Someone else is covering all the needs of the poor, the widows, the orphans--there are droves of people trying to help.

In today's high tech world, everyone is in contact with others--no one is ever lonely.

My neighbors are not lost, lonely, afraid---we live in a great neighborhood.

The mission is opening my eyes--it is one quarter of a mile away from some of the downtown trendy-  high end lofts.  If it were safe, I could walk the three miles from my home when I volunteer.  I lived my life with blinders and in a state of denial.  We live in the most advanced society in the world---there could not possibly be any needs---

They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.
Titus 1:16


  1. Hi Lulu! This is a very thoughtful post in response to this passage from Titus. (And you don't see many people quoting Titus.) You have created a study in denial, and I think everyone can relate to that. Time will heal anything, right? Well, of course not right. Living intentionally means living aware, like you said, with eyes open.
    You've given me plenty to think about today. Time to open my eyes!
    Happy Weekend :)

    1. We never like to hear hard truths, Ceil! My eyes are being opened daily!

      Happy Weekend to you, Friend!


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