As I pulled out of Fort Worth to head east last week, I came across this


The trouble began when there was no clearly marked route getting me back on my path.  NO PROBLEM---years of running and planning running routes have taught me well.  I have a sensitive nose when it comes to direction and following my nose is usually successful.  I have been in Fort Worth long enough to have a good general sense of direction.  It has come from reading the maps and riding the roads.  The handy compass my little car came with is the only tool I really need.

Knowing where I am headed and the general direction it is in, means I can "feel" my way back on route with a little time.  I was headed to one of the interstates which heads south, and leads to the home bound interstate which heads east.  So I after taking the detour, I begin following my nose.  WAA-LAA--I end up entering the southbound interstate 1/4 of a mile before the exit to the east bound interstate.

So it is with life--it takes detours.  We are headed down a path, and feeling comfortable with the road and BAM---a road block--and a detour smack dab in our face.  To get back on course--we need to have studied the map--and know the direction in which we desire to head.  A handy compass in our possession will point us back to the correct path.  While driving along my detour, it became a pleasant diversion with  new sights to explore.  I would have never seen those sights had I not followed my well trained nose and headed off in the new direction. Some detours in life are difficult--but others can be a pleasant diversion from the norm.  Difficult or not--we have no choice, but to continue down the path--headed to our ultimate destination.  No need for a GPS when you have a GOD---leading you even on the detours.  With the clear knowledge, He is never surprised with a detour, we continue on down the path--following His lead with the clearly marked map He has provided--knowing He is our compass.

God will show me the path of life.
Psalm 16:11


  1. This is so true. We never need a GPS when we have God. We just need to follow His lead. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Yes, Kim--if we could just let go and follow--life would look so different.
      Paid your blog a visit today and loved your post!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  2. I agree with the point you make here. I know from experience I've had many detours and "road ahead closed" in my life. God certainly knows what's best for us and He certainly leads us in that direction, even if at the time we may think it's an inconveniemce.

    This is a great post, Lulu. God bless you.


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