This Little Man is QUITE the character.  He has GREAT potential--BUT we are having to work on a little socialization!  Remember--he is the youngest of three boys---and they are ALL BOY!

After being gone for a week, he was so excited to see me.  His whole body is wiggling as he ran to greet me.  Picking him up, he snuggled into my shoulder and was obviously as glad to see me as I was him.  After about one minute, he backed off my shoulder and began pummeling me and laughing with great glee!  I am laughing and telling him, "Gentle--GENTLE", but he is cackling and smacking me.

He is dishing out what he has learned from the big brothers.  His mom told me when they went to a birthday party, he was knocking the other kids down--but so happy about it.  No malice in his intentions---he thinks it is all great fun.  The rest of us are black and blue from his lack of social graces.  He needs a few lessons in "Socialization".

We all occasionally need a refresher course in Socialization as adults.  Who has never worked to get their own way--daring anyone to stand between us and where we are going?  Punching, hitting, sparing, perhaps not physically--but even more deadly verbally.  Everything is fair game when we have the mindset our way is the only right way.  We place ourselves on the throne and proclaim our right to rule our domain.

Perhaps we are just like "Little Man" and need some lessons in socialization.  Learning how to put others first is --even if you reign supreme in your own little kingdom--ruling by example works so much better than a heavy hand.  I think of Jesus--who seemed to be soft spoken with no need for violence--with the exception of the money changers fiasco in the Temple. We were created to live in community and relationships--filled with peace and joy.  

The next time you feel yourself on the ragged edge--leaning toward a screaming hissy fit---breathe---and remember your lessons in socialization.

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

II Timothy 2:15


  1. This is a wonderful post, Lulu, with a great lesson to learn. Thank you.

    May God bless the little boy and his brothers; and you too.

    1. Thank you, Victor & Bless you. I read your story about Mary and am intrigued---fresh thinking fodder!


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