I have a throwback memory--one especially intense memory of being in a crowd---shoulder to shoulder--someone in front of me and behind me--so close we are toe to toe.  My brother and sister in law's wedding in Mexico was during the Mexican Independence Day holiday.  The entire wedding party went to the town square and stood in front of this cathedral to view the celebration and fireworks. A wonderful memory of a cherished and happy time topped with loads of fun while enjoying the beauty of this picturesque village.

My pastor reminded us this week of how much of our lives are spent in crowds.  I have an aversion to crowds--or so I thought--until he reminded us of the crowds we are surrounded by in our day to day lives.  The crowd at church, the crowd at ballgames, the crowd while shopping, the crowd walking down the street, the crowd at the Y---we spend a great deal of time in crowds without consciously recognizing the hordes around us.

While standing in a crowd, a picture is made of the group.

Even a small group-crowd like this one, what is the first thing you look for?  Why YOURSELF---OF COURSE!  How do I look?  Is this my best side?  What was I thinking?  What will people think when they see this picture of me? Everyone looks better than me.    We have our eyes on our navels which is a reflection of our hearts.  It is ALL about me.

When I sit in the massive crowd on Sunday, I am more concerned with me sitting alone--than those sitting around me.  Everyone in the huge crowd has a story---some are in great pain--some are ill---some have experienced huge losses--some are broken--some are lost.  With each face in the picture of a crowd there is a story--but we will never know those stories unless we stop looking at our own image.  There is so much more to the world beyond the tip of our own nose.

Jesus looks at the crowd and sees each individual.  He knows every story.  He feels every pain.  When He views the crowd, He sees not a mass of people--but each separate heart and soul.  He stood in the crowd and called out individuals--not the masses--but one person at a time-He calls us by name.

I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me
John 10:14


  1. Hi Lulu! What a beautiful attitude. Yes, I can say I also look for myself first in photos, and judge away. Do I look okay?
    The idea of living in crowds is a fascinating one. Especially regarding stores and outside spaces. We are all in this together, along with our joys and pains. You are so right, Jesus sees us all as beautiful creations, endowed with stories and thoughts that cry out to be shared.

    I should give others more of a chance to share. This is a really good post for me today. Thank you!

    1. We all have a difficult time being still and quiet and listening, Ceil!



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