I find myself making excuses some Sundays--about why I should stay home from church.  The truth of the matter is---it is difficult to walk in alone--and sit alone in a huge crowd.  The HS-will NOT let me slack off though and reminds me we are to gather together to worship.  I go--with not such a good attitude--I go.  And BAM God's messenger stands before me and gives me 3 different blogs in one message.  Why am I surprised?

I have a friend at the Y who is a volunteer Building Supervisor for Habitat for Humanity.  She had no background in building--but showed up--volunteered--and began to learn.  She saw a need for homes for the homeless and put her compassion into action.  

"Mission does not begin with commission-it begins with compassion."

As we drank coffee and I listened to her story of how she became involved with Habitat, I was motivated.  She told me about Jimmy Carter coming for a week and how many homes they framed in during the week.  Ninety year old Jimmy Carter--still swings a hammer--still provides the devotional---still puts his compassion into action.  Like his politics are not---his actions portray faith at work--in service to "The Least of These".

Having spent a great deal of blogging space discussing our gifts and how we should use them for His good purpose, I have become convicted that I may have mislead you.  My words may have served to motivate you out of guilt.  NOT my intention.  Motivation can take on the guise of guilt or competition or self fulfillment.  When we serve Jesus our motivating standard is Jesus.  Works based upon anything other than our desire to please and serve him are not properly aligned with The Gospel Message.

HOW then do we become properly motivated?  I am certainly GUILTY of feeling guilt.  I am guilty of seeking fulfillment by performing acts of service.  I am guilty of becoming a martyr who is convinced I am working harder than you are.   ALL the wrong reasons fuel my "Good Works" at times.  How do I change?  It is so simple--so easy to do--and I become so blinded to the truth--draw closer to Jesus---and He is all the motivation required.  

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.
ans 3:23-24


  1. Guilt. AARRGGH!

    What a lousy motivator. A big wet blanket that weighs us down and stifles all our God-given gifts and abilities and zest.
    The enemy sure loves to slip this in on us, doesn't he.

    I hear you, Lulu. I'm with you. I want any motivation in my life to come from the conviction, the guidance, the grace of the Holy Spirit. That's where the peace and the joy and all that other luscious fruit comes from.

    Good thoughts here today, friend.

    1. The joy of His allowing us to serve in HIS name!

  2. Well...I will tell you something...we have been here for 17 months..and the churches here are so different, and we have not been in like 7 months. Not an excuse, but the truth. So, my husband who is a chaplain has been giving services here at home for us. Trying to fit, starting over etc...well..thats the truth...and I know it sounds like an excuse. Blessings

    1. Totally Understand---when two or more are gathered!

  3. As long as we try ... and continue trying ... the flesh is willing but the spirit is weak.

    God bless.

  4. Oh I actually enjoy going to church alone. It allows me to really go over the readings ahead of time, go over to the statue of one of the saints and light a candle (electric candle these days), and pray. When I go alone I go to mass a half hour early and pray and contemplate. It's so peaceful. Not having to relate to another person, especially my five year old chatterbox son, deepens my spiritual experience.

    1. When I get my eyes off my navel, Manny, I too feel the close presence of God. Thanks for stopping by!

      Blessed Weekend!


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