Note---from now until Christmas--my weekday posts will center around Advent.   Praying God will touch us all as we prepare our hearts for this season of great joy.

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There is a new grand coming next month---after five boys---a girl will be arriving.  The news of the sixth grand was met with anticipation---most of us convinced it would be another boy--since we seem to know what to do with boys--or at least we pretend to know.  Then the day comes for the ultra sound which tells the tale.  So many now have huge "Gender Celebrations" . No time for parties for this crew.  We just try to keep the ox between the ditches most days.  The phone call comes---and--"IT'S A GIRL!"  Now all we have to do is wait---speaking of pregnant pauses.  For the next 20+ weeks---we know what is coming--but she won't come until the time is right.  SIGH!  We are left holding the proverbial bag of little girl clothes--with no baby girl to put them on until the day arrives.  

Much of our lives are filled with waiting for future events.  Babies arriving, first day of school, graduation from high school, graduation from college, first dates, engagement, marriage, first babies, new jobs, empty nests, retirement--we spend a great deal of our lives anticipating future events.  Yearning for those future events--which we think will bring more happiness--while sometimes missing the joy of the moment.  We become so wrapped up in the next thing to make us happy--we loose sight of the joy in front of our noses.  And the waiting--it can be AGONY.  We are NOT patient creatures!

The waiting room is filled with anxious-inpatient waiters--wishing away the day--looking toward the future.  Often we miss the excitement of the wait, by our failure to recognize the presence of the joy of the anticipation.

One of the LONGEST recorded waits--is the 400 years from the Old Testament until the birth of the promised Messiah.  Trying your patience is an understatement when it comes to 400 years.  God's people had to be second guessing just what was going on.  WHERE WAS HE???  WHY did he stop communicating with them?  What about all those promises he made?  Did He not know the condition of their world?  HELLO--HELLO OUT THERE---Why are you not speaking to me?  Are you mad?  What did I do?  Did you disappear?  They became despondent and began grumbling over the long wait--instead of remembering Who He is and acknowledging His omnipresence.

How reminiscent of us today.  We want what we want--when we want it.  We believe in a God of INSTANT miracles.  Santa Claus God who brings us all our wishes.  AND when He dares to not come through, we are screaming---
We are not willing to wait 40 minutes---much less 400 years.  We forget God is who He says He is.  He will not---no--He cannot change who He is.  His promises---will be fulfilled---in His good time.  The trouble begins when we try to make God into human form---forgetting we were created in God form.  We try to turn the tables and limit God by human limitations.  That is not how it is.

God is perfection--and if God says it is best to wait---

It is best to wait! 

 Look at the wonder of the birth of Jesus--perfect timing--perfect place--perfect circumstance--400 years later.

Prepare your hearts-and wait for what God has to show you-in His perfect plan and cherish the anticipation of the celebration of the birth of the One True King.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.
Psalm 27:14


  1. Congrats, Granny.

    And yes, longing with you, waiting for His coming. May it be soon. Very soon!

    Blessings as we make our way through Advent together, friend.

    1. Advent Blessings to you, Linda. I am waiting---Come--Lord Jesus--Come!

  2. Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassionate never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23. "New every morning"... Don't you just love that!!!

    1. Yes--indeed---AND especially love "GREAT is your faithfulness!" Praying you two have a blessed Advent Season!

  3. His perfect plan is "new every morning". I can hardly wait to see what He has for me today. Let's make it a hallelujah day!!! Congratulations on that baby girl... And I love your new profile pic... And Merry Christmas...

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on the forthcoming birth of your Grand-daughter. May God bless her.

    Yes, we don't like waiting do we? Even a few minutes for a ready-meal in the microwave oven. I hate waiting in hospital when the doctor sends me there to give blood for blood tests. I found a way round it though. I give my card to a neighbour and he goes to hospital instead of me and gives blood in my name. Last week, he could not go so he gave my card to his wife. When I visited the doctor today for my test results the doctor told me I was pregnant !!!!!!!

    God bless.

    1. VICTOR, what a sense of humor! Thanks for my laugh!
      God Bless You!


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