Sitting in the doctor's office, reeling with shock, HOW CAN THIS BE?  Then slowly the truth sinks in---all those long hours--working and playing hard---all that rich food and drink with never a thought as to the internal consequences---never time or inclination to exercise---and the possibility of inheriting the family predisposition to heart disease--never gave a thought to any of this.  BUT HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

The condition of your heart will determine the quality of your life as you wait for those promised golden years.  Will your days be filled with scheduling medication, needing naps, low energy, gasping for breath, doctor appointments and regular medical tests?  What condition is the condition of your heart physically?  And once the damage is done--you must live with the consequences.   Are you willing to prepare your heart for living life well by doing all that is required while waiting?

As we ponder during this Advent Season---the long ago wait for the promised Messiah--may we be completely aware of the condition of our spiritual heart.  I have good news--NO GREAT news---unlike the physical condition of your heart--it is never too late to change the spiritual condition of your heart.  Unlike the hard work and need for moderation required for a our hearts to be in great physical condition, all we need do is turn to Jesus and ask Him into our hearts to achieve perfect spiritual condition.  He has done all the work for us--all we need to is give Him our hearts and He will show us how to wait with great expectation for His Kingdom To Come.

May your heart be filled with the sweet anticipation of the long ago arrival of our Savior during this Advent Season and may you wait with the sweet assurance that He will come again--as promised.

"Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come."
Matthew 24:42
 on what day your Lord will come."

As a postscript today--my blogging friend, Victor, from across The Pond--has pledged 1 Pound ( MORE than $1-depending upon the exchange rate) to the Salvation Army for each comment on his blog.  Help me clean out his pockets-
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  1. A very good post Lulu, reminding us to take care of our spiritual hearts and souls. Bravo for Advent!

    When I went to see the doctor he asked me if I got headaches in the morning, a stiff neck and joint pains in the knees.

    I said "No".

    He replied: "I've been getting these symptoms all week and I wondered if you knew what it was!"

    God bless.

    1. Oh Victor---always armed with a quip! Yes--BRAVO FOR ADVENT!

  2. Convicted, convinced ... at both levels!

    Thanks, friend ...


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