There is a great deal of singing  and dancing that goes on at The Little Man's home.

One of his favorite songs is "Frozen Heart" from the popular "Frozen".

He takes his sword and acts out the motions and sings the lyrics--it is pretty darn cute.

"Beware the frozen heart."

A good life lesson for us all. 

 Why would a heart be icy--frozen?  As I thought this over, it is not from heartbreak.  This creates a bruised and torn heart---but there is no ice.  A broken heart may cause a protective barrier to be erected around the heart in an effort to prevent further injury---but the heart still feels--it is not icy or  frozen.

A frozen heart---is perhaps created when we are unwilling to forgive---hold a grudge--have deep seeded anger which simmers deep within us.  I learned a LONG time ago--my anger only hurt me AND gave power over me to the one it was directed toward.  Even righteous anger can become a wall between us and God--if we allow it to become an idol in our lives.

Why would I allow anything to stand between God and me?  What would be so important that I would give it the power to become more important than my relationship with Him?  When anger and resentment rule our lives---they become idols of our hearts.

SO---as the title song says---"LET IT GO!".  I for one am not able to let it go with my own power or because I say I will---I have to hand my inability to forgive--my anger over to God--and allow Him to help me give it up. There is a need to tell Him I cannot do this on my own---ONLY with your help.  THEN the thaw begins and my heart once again loves in warmth.

Today if you hear his voice,
do no harden you hearts.
Hebrews 3:15


I read a great deal of historical fiction and love "Downton Abby" (not quite as much this season as previously though).  I began to notice a pattern---even the nanny gets a half day off.  I  gently shoved that idea on the  table at #1 Daughter's home and WAA LAA it happened. 

The first time was truly a half day-12 hours. #2 son came for the weekend to meet the princess--so I bolted out the door before he had scraped his shoes off on the door mat.  It takes thirty minutes to drive to my house so there went an hour---30 minutes for a good bath---and 10 1/2 hours sleeping.  

This day off has turned into 28 hours when Dr. SIL had the rare day off.  I collapsed on my bed and slept 3 hours as soon as I got home.  THEN I began the task of catching up.  It seems that MANY things slide into the column of I will do that later when you know The Little Man will be up at 4:30-5:00.  After everyone is in the bed, the dishes are washed, tomorrow's lunches ready to be prepared, a load of laundry in the washer and the dryer, I head for the bed myself.

I have learned that a 5 minute shower is plenty to get the top layer of spit up, sticky, today's meals, dirt from the boys' excavation site in the back yard, and any other of sundry substances I have come into contact with during the 15 hours since I got up.  Everything else can be put off---until Nanny's Day Off.

So after my nap--here are a few of the "I will do that later's"-

 I have shaved my legs--well in truth first I had to cut a little length off the hairs and then shave since I have not had my razor out of the bag since arriving at #1 Daughter's house 2 1/2 weeks ago.  After my long soaking bath to accomplish this--it took about 30 minutes to clean out the tub.  HEY--I am SMOOTH now!

Then there were the eyebrows who had been cast in their own production of 50 shades of gray.  Ms Clairol #12 fixed that problem--but then you could see all those stray brows.  Out came the tweezers.  Proud to report---you can now see I DO have eyebrows and all the wild hairs have vamoosed!

After sleeping 10 hours---it was time for a shower to wash my hair which had accumulated enough product during the week to allow it to stand as stiff as a board--straight out.  I have now officially been in the bath more minutes in one 24 hour period than I was for an entire week.  Happy to report I will begin this next stretch of Nannydom clean.

My nails---Well Scarlett, I will think about them tomorrow!  I did actually get a layer of make up on and my clothes are clean and I am rested.

The Princess and Her Knights

What I am left wondering is HOW IN THE WORLD DOES SHE GET ALL THIS DONE?  I raised 3 only children--they were born in three different decades-and one was pretty independent before the next came along.  This notion of having 4 babies in 5 1/2 years is only for the super woman.

I have an entire group of posts coming, once I resign my nanny position, of Living in the Land of the Little People.  NOT for the weak or faint of heart--the realities of day to day life with four children in your space make for an interesting story.  I am nominating my daughter for Most Courageous---for it truly takes courage to pull this off and keep smiling, laughing, and loving what you are doing.  She is MY HERO!


I am passing up falling into my bed the moment the house grows quiet tonight for my annual Valentine's Day post.  As these days are whizzing by, I am gaining all kinds of material for posting--including living in The Land of the Little People, but there are not enough hours in the day for blogging while on Lulu Duty.  I will be back-bear with me for a while longer.

Today is the day--many dread.  Those who are alone--and lonely find no cause for celebration when the day of love comes around.  Lost hope and disillusionment with no dream of fulfillment of the desire to share this day with 
another. The best to be hoped for is a quick end to a 24 hour reminder of the state of loneliness surrounding the day.

We celebrate romantic love, which is certainly a wonderful thing, but perhaps instead we should celebrate love as we find it in our lives--in all the forms it can take.  I am reminded of the saying my sweet daughter uses with her boys,

"You get what you get,
and don't throw a fit."

She can be very wise for one still so young.  

So today---I am celebrating the love of my sweet family--children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, great nieces & nephews, aunt, uncle, cousins--the entire kit and caboodle--I am filled with love for them all.  The love of my friends--old, new, long time, brand new, some I see quite often, others very seldom--and still I think of you all with great love and affection. My life is filled with love.

Yes--it would be nice for Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet--or perhaps just take me for a walk and enjoy a simple chat.  We have made the day a celebration of romantic love--but there is so much more to love than romance.  The most beautiful love I have ever seen is that of a couple who have been together for years and years--and yet still hold hands--still listen to each other--still pledge to stick it out --no matter what.  Life is not a romantic novel and with time life can become difficult--but the enduring promise for better or worse takes my breath away.

God has chosen for me to not have a partner---but He also has filled my life with sweet family and dear friends.  Today I celebrate my love for each of you and wish you a joyous celebration filled with the knowledge of the most enduring love ever shown---that of our Father.

But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.
Psalm 13:5