I have a wonderful Godly friend who told me she had a vision--she saw me standing happily with a cowboy in the future.  I laugh every time we communicate and tell her, "Still NO cowboy!"  

What could there possibly be to celebrate about the future?  The last time I checked my crystal ball was unreliable at best!  SO if you don't know what the future holds---but you know what the past looked like--would you celebrate?  OR would you run for the hills screaming for mercy?

 What if we had the capability of seeing the future---knowing what was coming?  What if we had the ability to know what tomorrow would hold?  How would we handle that information?  Based upon some of my past---I might have climbed into a cave and sealed the entrance.  If we saw the REALLY hard times before they came---how would we react?  God in His infinite wisdom does not allow us to know what tomorrow holds.  I could wake up tomorrow and discover I have a terminal illness--or the loss of a significant loved one--or the collapse of our country--or a million other life events which we think we will not survive.  

BUT---here is what I know---based upon my history---God has ALWAYS been by my side.  When hard times come---I am most aware of His presence.  I have loved and lost---watched loved ones pass on---had great calamities of many kinds occur---and survived---BECAUSE of His faithful love.  He has held me--sustained me--provided my every need--when I thought I could not take another breath.  He has been my shelter---NOT the cave I would have crawled in had I known what was coming.

AND MOST IMPORTANT---had I known the future---and crawled in the cave out of fear--look at all I would have missed.  The REALLY wonderful times--the blessings of life---the happiness and joy He has lavished upon me.

SO---I celebrate the future---in the sure and certain knowledge there will be many blessings--much joy

AND the faith and hope--certainty--that when the hard times come--and they will---He will carry me through them with His faithful presence and provision.  I celebrate the future--that God holds in His hand!

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8


  1. Well...Lulu, I didn't see a cowboy, however, I dreamt last night that I was teaching and you were sitting there in the middle and you were smiling. So, as weird as that sounds, maybe you are suppose to meet up with a cowboy and live happily forever and travel to see me. {wink}

    As always, a thought provoking post, friend. Many Happy New Year Blessings to you.

    1. The fact IS--you do teach me--quite often, Friend! SO-your dream is reality! Who knows in all my adventure seeking---I may be in your neck of the woods some day AND put it in your book----we WILL meet face to face!

      Blessings to You---Each and Every Day, Sweet Friend!

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  2. Celebrating with you, Lulu! God has been so faithful, hasn't He? I just can't wait to see what He has for us in the year ahead.

    And I celebrate you, too, friend. Blessings and hugs as we travel forward together!

    1. May God use you mightily in the year to come, Friend! I am so thankful He crossed our paths!
      New Year Blessings, Sweet Friend!

  3. That man wearing a cowboy hat and boots in your first picture is very short. Who is he? He can hardly see where he is going poor chap.

    I used to have a cowboy hat with a feather on the side just like in the picture. I wonder where it went. I don't descend from cowloy stock. From ancient medieval royalty ... what? Have you seen the Coat of Arms on the right column of my Blog. Click it and you'll get to know my ancestor.

    Anyway, where was I before I took another sip of whisky? Oh yes ... sitting here. It would be terrible if we knew what will happen in our future and we couldn't escape it. Think what Jesus must have felt as a child and teenager knowing what is to happen to Him.

    A lot of bad things happened to me in my past; but God was always there beside me. Even when I did not know it.

    God bless you Lulu. May He always be with you.

    1. My daily laugh courtesy of Victor! And YES---He WILL always be with me!
      Blessings, Victor--to you and yours!


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