As I prayed before sleep recently, I thought of all the great expectations I have had in life.  Those expectations range from the grandiose to the everyday.   It can be as simple as the entire family gathered around the beautifully decorated table for a holiday feast.  Some how that often ends in this picture-

Those expectations include a nation, state, family united in love for each other that transcends all philosophies.  A beautiful picture of all united in song in celebration of our common beliefs.  For some reason the gathering together can more closely resemble this-

My great expectations are not limited to others.  I have huge expectations each and every time I get back on the exercise wagon.  I see myself looking like this

Somehow I mange to get derailed once I get to the gym and figure out THIS IS HARD!

My life has been filled with great expectations including being like Mother Theresa

And realizing I can only help those God has placed in my path with the talents I am gifted with.  Somehow that is more than enough.

Great Expectations are not often met--but they do inspire and encourage me to strive for my best.  As I was praying it occurred to me not to be discouraged by the expectations I had which are now impossible, but instead to be thankful for the abundant blessings of my life.  To not moan and groan over what will never be, but instead be thankful for what is.

So today I am thankful for all my Great Expectations and remember those accomplished, the good that came from striving for those never attained, and the hope for those I still strive for.  Great Expectations -the catalyst for running the race and finishing well.

As it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death.
Philippians 1:20


  1. Well I for one would not want to be like Mother Theresa - - - DEAD!!! I plan to live for ever, even if it kills me trying.

    Someone once told me, if you can walk a mile or two in somebody else's shoes, you'll probably be arrested for stealing them.

    But you are right, of course, Lulu. We've all had expectations, hopes and desires in life which somehow have never been fulfilled or turned out as we wish. And there's no point looking back and thinking "what if". The trick is to move forwards without looking back; otherwise you'd hit a tree or lamp post or something in your way.

    As a child my main expectation was to see the real Father Christmas visiting our house. It never happened because, of course, they tell me he doesn't exist. But I still believe in him. Otherwise, I'd like to know who was that man dressed in red leaving our house in a hurry when I came late from work last Christmas! He didn't have a reindeer and sleigh. Just a fast car!

    I am sure you have accomplished a lot to be proud of in your life, Lulu. And even looking at your life right now, today; you are a precious treasure for your family and friends. Now that's something to make you cheer up and be happy; surely.

    God bless you.

    1. I am joyful and content, Victor & especially thankful for my laugh today via your wit!
      Blessings !


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