Even though I am writing this several days before the fact, my great wisdom and ability to see into the future, tells me --beyond any shadow of a doubt-- half the country is NOT happy today---perhaps even hopping mad---or despondently sad.  What ever happened, I for one am glad it is finally over!  Sick of the whole mess!

Here is my question for the day---

Are you still thankful you are an American?

Glad or mad---are you able to back up--take a deep breath--count to ten--and regroup?  Can we agree to start from today in an attempt to reclaim our country for God?  Are we able to move forward from this low point and search for real leaders--men and women of integrity-honesty-high morals?  Can we agree to disagree peacefully?  Can we begin to search for the common ground among us all?  Could we dissect the problem--take one part at a time--and begin to fix what we have allowed to become so royally messed up?

With that unpaid political statement behind me, I still say--


We have the best of the best!  I would not live anywhere else in the world--not even that beautiful island in the warm Caribbean, although I am not opposed to an annual visit.  Since the fall of man, we have all set out on a course to keep things in a perpetual mess--and done quite a good job of it.  Even in the current mess---I thank God for my country and the freedoms I enjoy.

I do not plan to abandon the great country my father, fore-fathers, and peers that fought to ensure our privilege to be free.  Free to choose, free to vote, free to protest, free to do nothing---I live in a country where my rights are not only exercised, but celebrated.  If I do not like the outcome of the election, I am free to begin today to change the course of this country.  The sacrifice of so many at times the ultimate sacrifice will not be in vain.  I for one intend to honor their service by supporting and honoring the greatest country in the world.  

Is it time to assess where we are and how we got here?  I for one think the break down of the family has contributed greatly to the downfall of our society.  When you take the basic unit of community and allow it to deteriorate, all else will follow suit.

So beginning today---no matter what your political persuasion--can we agree to begin to pray for our families?  Can we agree how important in tact families are?  Can we agree to do all we can to ensure this basic unit survives and thrives?  Something tells me when we start at the basics--fix the smallest yet most important community, it will slowly trickle to the largest of communities.

I for one think it is worth the effort .  Can we all agree to pray?

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.
Romans 13:1


  1. Last June we had a historical vote (Referendum) in the UK as to whether Britain should remain in the European Union or not. The country is still divided on the outcome and debates/arguments still continue. Some are even asking for a re-run (another Referendum) so they can get the result they wanted.

    Now is the time for healing; in the UK as well as in the USA and in the world.

    You are so right that the breakdown of the family has contributed to society's downfall. And I join you in prayer for healing, unity, respect and love for one another.

    God bless.

    1. We pray for your great country as you pray for ours, Victor. I pray for families everywhere.
      Blessings !

  2. Hi Lulu! I am definitely all in favor of prayer. The things my sisters are hearing through their children are just hair-raising. And what's sad is that these children are learning this stuff through their parents. Sigh... The time is now to teach ourselves and our children that love is the only way. We must defend life and each other, no matter where we were born, no matter how much money we make, no matter man or woman. May God send us his powerful grace. We need it.

    1. Amen, Ceil! It saddens me for my grands to know they will never know the sweet innocent times of my youth!
      Blessings, Friend!


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